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senior editor, @70facesmedia; co-founder @modernloss; mom of 2; @northwesternu alum; writing book for @harpercollins; can't get into yoga.

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Rafi with ettie article

Jewish Transgender Man Gives Birth and Embraces Life as a Single ‘Abba’ – Jewish Telegraphic Agency

When Rafi Daugherty went to the hospital for the birth of his first child, he posted a sign on the delivery room door. “I am a single transgender man having my first baby,” it read. “I use he/him/his pronouns and will be called ‘Abba’ (Hebrew for father) by the baby. Papa, Dad, Daddy, Father … are also ok.”

Marvinhier e1483659121780 635x357 article

Marvin Hier Says He’s ‘Proud’ To Be Trump’s Inauguration Rabbi | The Times of Israel

Critics point to Trump’s presidential campaign, which targeted minorities and invoked tropes that many, including the Anti-Defamation League, considered anti-Semitic.

Ny cn658 homebi d 20130825183038 article
The Wall Street Journal

Home Births on the Rise for New York Families –

A home birth in New York City—where neighbors live cheek-by-jowl, often in small walk-up apartments—poses unique challenges not faced in, say, rural Tennessee, where home-birth maven Ina May Gaskin started her practice.

Open uri20121001 32409 12blrsg article
The Wall Street Journal

Women Enlist for the Battle Against Pests -

Throughout the country and particularly in New York—a city as famous for its rats and roaches as for its hot dogs and pretzels—women are pursuing careers in pest control in greater numbers than ever before. The appeal: competitive salaries, flexible hours and, they say, a job that's as varied as the invaders they encounter.

Open uri20130204 14894 80awt1 article
The Wall Street Journal

Nanny Interviews Get More Aggressive -

When hiring a nanny, plenty of parents are content to go with their gut, plus a glowing reference or two. Others are resorting to more aggressive screening techniques: contracting investigators, poring over an applicant's Facebook page or college transcript—or even requesting medical and personality testing.

Gb dad collage article

20 Things You Probably Don't Know About My Dead Dad - Modern ...

He never met my children, but they will know him through the photos, scrapbooks and stories of those who knew and loved him best. Through me.

Bagels and locks article
The Jewish Daily Forward

At a KinkyJews Seder, Pharoah Isn’t the Only One With the Whip

Forget the bitter herbs. When about 100 Jews gather in Brooklyn on April 5 for a pre-Passover Seder, they will pay homage to their enslaved ancestors not with the traditional sinus-clearing horseradish, but by spanking each other with wands of chocolate licorice.

Open uri20130812 14628 1s77on1 article
The Jewish Daily Forward

Falling Through the Cracks of Genetic Screening –

Tay-Sachs is the best-known "Jewish" disease. But today, the vast majority of babies born with Tay-Sachs are not Jewish. Should we be pushing for a more universal genetic testing environment?

Open uri20121001 23089 1q6ej27 article
The Jewish Daily Forward

At BYU Seder, Mormons Dip, Eat, Sing Their Own ‘Dayenu’

Seders have become a tradition at BYU, where nearly 99% of its 33,000 students identify as Mormon, and where, according to a university spokeswoman, there are only three Jewish students.

Open uri20131030 3461 1ack4mm article
The Wall Street Journal

Milk Donation Questioned —

Neighborhood listservs are increasingly providing forums for matching those seeking breast milk donations with would-be donors, who pump more than their own children need.

Open uri20130408 25444 bjgnnm article
The Wall Street Journal

Parents Patrol Nannies Online –

The proliferation of online forums for "bad nanny" postings has also created a quandary for those who witness something questionable: What warrants a listserv post versus a call to the police? When is it OK to do nothing at all?

Americanflag911 article

Here’s something to be grateful for—there were no Facebook and Twitter on 9/11 – Quartz

How today's culture of social sharing and online grieving would have changed the way we experienced — and mourned — 9/11.

William after passing article
The Jewish Daily Forward

Online Video Network Offers Parents New Views, Advice on Grief –

The Courageous Parents Network is a new, video-centric resource site for parents whose children have received a terminal diagnosis of any kind.

W aging wisely 051313 article
The Jewish Daily Forward

Aging Wisely, Together

Wise Aging, a new program from the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, isn’t about keeping seniors busy with cultural activities or continuing education. Instead, it’s about doing reflective work and preparing oneself for late life, when there is greater frailty and greater loss.

Image article

How To Help Grieving Friends — 5 Steps

This year, resolve to set up a Google "grief calendar," go beyond Facebook condolences, and more.