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senior editor, @70facesmedia; co-founder @modernloss; mom of 2; @northwesternu alum; writing book for @harpercollins; can't get into yoga.

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The New York Sun

Soterios Johnson: 'It's Like He's a Rock Star'

A steady, soulful tenor of a voice — combined with a first name that is as mellifluous as it is unusual — has won public radio host Soterios Johnson a legion of devoted fans, some of whom have gone so far as to write songs in his honor and name pets after him.

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The New York Sun

Jeans-and-Rock Worship Concept Takes Hold in City

A nondenominational Christian start-up that promises to provide "teaching that is practical and relevant to your life in New York City," the Journey functions as an evangelical, gospel-spreading church but eschews the evangelical label. Its casual dress code, unusual 11:59 a.m. start-time, rock band choir, and free Krispy Kreme doughnuts at every service have brought in crowds of New York transplants — and some native New Yorkers — who are decidedly urbane, and devoutly Christian.

The New York Sun

Six-Figure Bequest Is New Must-Have For Pampered Pooches and Kittens

New York has no shortage of trust fund babies. Now, some city residents are also leaving five- and six-figure bequests to their pets.

The New York Sun

Preschool Directors Balk at Toddler Résumés

In attempting to snag coveted slots at elite city preschools, some parents have gone so far as to submit DVDs featuring their children at play, and résumés for their 2-year-olds — and some preschool directors say they're fed up.

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The New York Sun

Brunch With Mother on Sunday? Try the 'Sole Bonne Femme'

The increasingly high stakes of Mother's Day — from brunch at the Carlyle to bespoke Judith Leiber bags.

The New York Sun

The Way We Eat Now

The past decade has toppled many of our received ideas about health and wellness. Recent studies have told us — after countless desserts ceded to SnackWell's, and early morning hours on the treadmill — that fat doesn't make us fat, and exercise doesn't make us thin. And now, the naturalist journalist Michael Pollan tells us supplement-popping, enriched-soda-drinking Americans that the nutrition science we've come to rely on is doing us more harm than good.

The New York Sun

The Doctor Is In, but the Lab Coat Is Out

In an effort to put their patients at ease — and, in some cases, to show off their fashion sense — many city doctors are hanging up their white jackets.

The New York Sun

Mormons Make Inroads on Upper East Side

In suburban communities, missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints go door-to-door in pairs, preaching their gospel to prospective converts. While doormen on the Upper East Side make it more difficult to save souls, the organization informally known as the Mormon church is making inroads in the neighborhood — recently opening a five-story, 39,000-square-foot building on East 87th Street.